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Multi-Step Algebra Tiles

click this link————> Here    and then click————————-> Here

After you download the file:


1.) Open file with Inspiration 8 (not kids inspiration)

2.) Screenshot every image in the step by step process

3.) Drag images to Pages drawing arrows between each image

4.) Save all of your work to you personal Dropbox folder

Week 4 Review


Homework for 9/26/12

pg.79 #13-24



Homework for 9/24/12


pg. 72 #10-15 and #28-33



Another video for you guys. This video should help you solve multi-step equations. There was a lot of clicking because I did not have my interwrite.

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I have a quick little video on how to solve two step equations. 

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Week 3 Review Multiplying and Dividing with negative numbers

Check out the new homework help video. It was longer than usual but I was able to get through three homework problems. Any questions on multiplying and dividing with negatives leave a comment. By the way there was a mistake in the video. First person  from each class to send me an email with the correction gets a point for their team tomorrow. Email is

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9/17 homework

p.41 #25-30

p.42 #48-53


Due Wednesday


Look Out For a Video Later tonight.

Week 2 Review

Started out this week with a little introduction to variables and how we use them in the real world. Then we moved onto Distributive Property. I hope the research time helped you recall some information. I have a quick video to help with the distributive property homework. 



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Assignment for tonight is on page 48.

You are responsible for completing #21-26 and #33-38 by Friday, September 14.

Have fun.




Today's assignment is page 7 out of your textbook.

You are responsible for numbers 27-38

As always if you need help, please ask. Also use the back of the textbook for odd answers.

If you do not have a flash drive, then Drop Box

If you would like to have a dropbox account please sign up. Free 2gb of space.



Week 1 in review

This is you first official homework assignment. Some of you may not have access to a computer at home and thus will not be able to watch this youtube video from school. You have an alternate assignment. The assignment is to watch the video and be ready to answer questions when you come in to class.



Alternate Assignment:

If you are watching from a school computer then you must go to or gaggle tube. Once you are at either of those sites then simply search rational and irrational numbers and watch a video fo your choice. Make sure you understand the concept when the assignment is due.