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Rocket Shot EdCanvas

Step 1: Answer Survey. Predict the height of the rocket at every second.



Step 2: Using DESMOS  use the information from the survey to predict what the linear path of the rocket could be. Find an equation that models the linear path of the rocket.



Step 3: Using DESMOS again find the actual height of the rocket. Once you have the actual height, find the equation that matches the points you just plotted.


Step 4: Once you have the data for both columns, subtract actual height from predicted height. Find the pattern from each difference and answer the following questions on HERE.




Quadratic Formula 2

Watch the video and answer survey.



Video for 3/15/2013 Quadratic Formula



If video is not working click here

Quadratic Formula

Watch Video and answer survey questions



Intro to Quadratics

Watch Video and answer survey.




20% projects to choose from

Look through this LIST and choose topic. Once topic is chosen fill out survey.