Archive for May 31, 2013

Submit Your Website

Make a Video and add it your Site

Option 1:

Download We Video Chrome Extension

Share Video with team

Take Embedding code and paste it into website


Option 2:

Use iMovie to create your video.

Export iMovie.

Upload directly to website

Adding a Worksheet to Your Site

Download Cam Scanner:

Cam Scanner for Android

Cam Scanner for iOS


Scan worksheet with Cam Scanner


Upload to a cloud service like Google Drive, DropBox, or email file to yourself.


Add Worksheets to your weebly site.

Android App Building

This will launch the appinventor program.


Magic 8 Ball Lesson Instructions


Make sure you use Chrome Browser.

Simplifying Radicals and Using the Pythagorean Theorem

Watch Video and answer survey questions. Thank you.



50 Billion App Countdown Challenge

Step 1: Click Here to visit countdown


Step 2: Open Quicktime and record screen

               -In navigation bar click file

               – Select New Screen Recording

          -Capture 1 Minute of the coutdown


Step 3: Calculate How many apps would be downloaded in one hour


Step 4: Calculate 1 day, 1 week, 1 month


Step 5: When will the 50 billionth app hit the itunes store?